What To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives

What To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives


Having a second child means a whole new set of challenges, like preparing your first born to be the older brother or sister. Deliver like a pro with these 8 tips.

Get your first born a special toy

Surprise your oldest child with a Big-boy toy. It could be a doll house or a train track or something your kid really desires and is probably expecting for the Holidays. Put some thought into it and give your child a toy they love and enjoy.


Before the whole crazy process of body swelling, belly growing kicks in, so celebrate the news with a family trip. From Six Flags, to Disneyland, your first born will love all the attention. Plus, you’re making new and unique memories he can later on share with his younger sibling.

Take a class

Now that you finally managed to adjust to parenthood, at least a little, it’s time to think about activities to keep your kid –and your spouse- busy. From music lessons to Little League, down to swimming or gym classes, this is a great time for your kids to start discovering what they’re good at. If you’re lucky, they might actually want to stick with it when the baby arrives.

Pull out old pictures

This “old school” habit is actually a quite beautiful way to bond with your first-born. You can even share your own baby photos, and laugh along with your kid about the similarities or differences in your appearance. Help him get familiar with the idea of what a baby looks like, and how beautiful it will be when the second baby arrives.

Make a code

While your firstborn is still an “only child”, its’s a good idea to invent a code, something that’ll help you know they need your help urgently, be it because they’re in trouble, or they just need their mom to hold them.

Enjoy your only child

Let them know they will always be your baby, no matter how much more the family grows. These changes are part of life, and this one will give them a new playmate. Teach them acceptance and how to make the best out of the new member of your growing family.

Go through old baby clothes

It is a proven fact that newborns always inherit their older sibling’s clothes. If your oldest is about 4 or 5 years old, you might still have loads of bags and boxes full of their old baby clothes. Look through them and if possible, with the company of your firstborn.

Visit the grandparents

Long before the new family member arrives, get your older child used to going out with his or her grandparents. You’re going to need all the time and energy you can get to make important decisions. Might as well start now and rest, while your kid is having fun and making memories at the same time.