New Baby On The Way: 9 Things You MUST Learn During The...

New Baby On The Way: 9 Things You MUST Learn During The Next 9 Months


Congratulations! Your bundle of joy is officially on its way. Now, it’s time to get serious about a few things. Let us help you get ready to meet the baby with this helpful guide that will teach you everything you need to know to be prepared.


Communicate, negotiate, compromise

You’ve got a fun ride for the next 9 months you have ahead of you and your partner is by your side. If communication is not your strength suit, it has to be from now on. You need to be able to work out small details regarding the upbringing of your child: from what religion you’ll raise them on to how you will handle chores in the house, and how both will help maintain an organized household. But don’t worry, it takes time and you’ll have a lot of that to get the hang of it. The first step is to communicate and tell your partner that you need to discuss how you will both manage this pregnancy and the baby when it arrives.


How to come up with a budget

If you’re not used to budgeting, we suggest you start reading several articles and start asking friends who already have had kids to help you come up with a system and share their words of wisdom. You need to know how to prioritize between getting the latest season of Jimmy Choo stilettos and a new baby carriage. A budget will keep your expenses on a tight leash, and your nerves tamed. No one likes surprises, but expect to get a few of those!


How to tell what medicine works for every ache

Hello, welcome to Motherhood 101! In today’s class you’ll learn how to become a household doctor. Time to dust off all those old recipes your grandmother used on your mom or even talk to her to get some advice as to what you should stock with in the first aids kit. You’ll thank us sooner than you think. Moms have already been through this, so why not repeat the same formula that obviously worked for you?



How to cook a balanced meal

Forget take out from now on. You need to learn how to cook balanced meals that will keep you and your family healthy. Figuring out the nutritional value of certain foods is a good challenge, and it’ll allow your body to stay fit, even after you’ve given birth. Just remember to split a plate into 4 even sides, and add protein on one quarter, vegetables on another, meat or soy burgers on the next, and legumes on the remaining quarter. It’s easy and it will teach you how to control your portions.


How to stay active

While in some cases doctors will recommend mommies to put their workout sessions on hold, it is very recommendable to start being as active as possible, even while the baby is growing inside of you. From walking, to riding your bicycle, to swimming and even dancing, being pregnant is not an impediment to be active.


How to say no

Hyperactivity is a wild horse many modern-day women have to learn to tame when they become mothers. Your priorities will change, so it’s a good exercise to learn to organize your daily activities from now on. If you can’t squeeze it in, just say no.


How to change diapers

Of course, you could also learn how to do this once you’re holding your toddler. But the sooner you figure it out, the better. There are a variety of ways to learn. Pick between asking for help from a close relative, a friend, or take a prenatal course. Everything helps!


To shop at second-hand stores

Get informed in terms of what are the best second hand stores to get the highest quality supplies for your baby, with a huge price from regular retail stores. You don’t have to buy items that are brand new and pay over 200% more than you would by second-hand items. You can also ask a relative in the family to let you purchase their used baby items, beds and accessories so you know first-hand who they belonged to and how well those items were taken care of.


Discipline, determination and self love

You’ll have a lot of time to think about yourself and your longings as a future mom. Learn to love yourself from now and get ready tor receive a bundle of joy that will change everything, even how you view the world and yourself.