How To Get Your Body Back After The Baby

How To Get Your Body Back After The Baby


Before you start shaking your head in despair while you keep looking at a flabby belly and your newly found stretch marks, let us say something: It is possible. You can get your body back, baby and all. There is a catch though –it’ll take time, determination and lots of will power. You’ll need to be disciplined, focused on your goal and not let anyone or anything get in your way. While it is true your body has suffered some significant changes, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever, specially if you are unhappy. Show yourself some love and find out how to change your body in order to feel happier about yourself (and no one else!.

Control your cravings

It takes a disciplined, goal-oriented mind to behave when you get that sudden urge of devouring anything or everything around you. You don’t have to avoid eating or snacking, you just have to learn how to do it. Start cooking simple raw vegan sweet treats that are under 50 calories each and only munch on one. Have a banana with cinnamon, or an apple with honey, raisins and a few nuts. Avocados and flax-seeds have the ability to keep you fuller and control your cravings even after the meal is over.


Fit fitness into your daily routine

It may sound like a challenge –especially if you’re not into the habit of working out on a daily basis- but it’s completely doable. Go to the nearest gym and sign up for activities you’ll enjoy (from Pilates to dancing) and get started ASAP. Working out will help your mood swings, give your more energy and with time you’ll get back to your pre-natal body and feel better than ever. You can always try at-home dvd workouts, or even subscribe to free YouTube channels that include 40 minutes to 1 hour classes where you can exercise from the comfort of your home. Ride your bicycle while listening to great music, or walk to the nearest mall when doing shopping. Find excuses to move and sweat it all out!



Make a balanced diet part of your parenting

The sooner you get organized with the nutritional value or your meals, the better. Get informed as to what foods will provide the most amount of antioxidants, minerals and protein and design your menus with all this information in mind. Stock up with lots of fruits, vegetables, but remember to go easy on the amounts. Now that you’re relieved of the pregnancy, you only have to worry about your body feeling fit and in shape.