Everything You Need to Buy for Your Baby to Face the Winter

Everything You Need to Buy for Your Baby to Face the Winter


Keeping your new born warm during the cold season can be a real challenge. Stock up this winter and get prepared to get all the clothes you’ll need so you and your baby enjoy the winter. From mittens to cozy onesies, we’ve got you covered! Read our ultimate winter survival guide below and say it loud, say it proud: The cold never bothered me anyway!

Indoor accommodations

If you’re a new mom, chances are you’ll feel like no amount of clothing can warm up your little one. In reality, it only takes a few minor adjustments within the baby’s room to leave you relieved and the baby safe. First of all, pick a flannel made onesie to tuck your child into for bed time. This way, you’ll avoid the common mistake of covering the toddler with many layers of bed sheets, which could result in sudden death by suffocation for your baby. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Outdoor preparations

Even if it’s just a quick run to the supermarket to run an errand, there’s only one thing left to do: start as early as possible. Your baby will naturally get a little feisty upon receiving a third layer of clothing so be patient until you can manage to fit him into his suit. For extra frosty days, a killer solution is to purchase a baby body to go as the first layer, followed by a snowsuit, and a final touch with a cozy blanket, just in case.

If your baby is younger than 6 months, it is advisable for you both to stay home as your little one is more prone to hypothermia in this stage of her life.


The ultimate winter gear

The secret to having your baby warm from head to toe is to find accessories that will warm up each section of his body. Hence, purchase several pairs of mittens, woolen slippers, a woolen scarf, and a few cute hats. Complete with the baby body and the snowsuit, your baby will not even feel the cold breeze. Remember to remove at least one layer of clothing whenever you enter a building with central heating, though. This way, you’ll keep your kid from perspiring. When it comes to baby hats especially, you can get creative and have grandma or an aunt knit a cute Disney themed woolen hat (or a variety of them) to keep now until next year!