6 Things That WILL Happen After You Have Your Baby

6 Things That WILL Happen After You Have Your Baby


If we had to sum it all up in one word, it would be change; massive, long term, exciting –at times scary- change. From your body weight, to your hormones, to your budget, your house, your relationship with your spouse and your view of the world, everything will have a whole new light about it after you become a mom. Here are some of the things that will inevitably happen after you have your baby:


Your body will never be the same

Your body will go through massive changes. You will have a hard time recognizing yourself and, at times, maybe want to avoid mirrors. It’s perfectly normal. You can always go to a doctor and a nutritionist that will help you maintain a healthy weight so you don’t have to try to lose it all after the baby is born. Some types of skin are stronger than others, so being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be left with lots of stretch marks, and cellulite. All of our bodies are different and they are all beautiful.


(Some) friends will drift away

While babies tend to bring the sweet tender side out of most people (as in, your close family, your spouse and friends), others will feel a bit intimidated by this new scenario. Keep in mind, you might be holding a perfectly healthy human being, but you may not look (or feel) so good for a while. This could be a deterrent for people who simply can’t relate to what you’re going through and might cause them to drift elsewhere. It really isn’t personal.


Crying will become more familiar than laughing sometimes

New moms often experience a disorder known as Post Partum depression, which is basically a series of mixed-up emotions that turns you into a bit of a hot mess for a period of time. Blame it on the hormones, but you’ll need all the support you can get. Get help and talk to your spouse or someone who can help ease the pain. It does get easier and you’re not a monster for feeling overwhelmed.



You might lose hair (and teeth!)

Hair and dentistry loss might seem like something straight out a Saw movie, but they are a possibility, especially if your body tends to have issues with calcium or potassium. This is why it is highly advised for moms to stay hydrated as much as possible, because everything your body ingests will go to the baby. Talk to your doctor on how to take care of your health and avoid losing so much calcium.


You’ll feel alone and helpless

Not one night, but many nights in a row, you’ll feel like you just ‘can’t do this anymore.’ And you know what? It’s 100% normal. This is something many new moms experience because their lives completely changed. Motherhood sometimes will feel impossible to bear. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to give up! Embrace those feelings and keep going and find solace in your spouse and friends. Take 10 minutes off, or even half an hour to treat yourself, and go get your hair done, go get a manicure or have a delightful cocktail late at night. You need to keep healthy, mentally and physically, without abandoning your priorities. You matter as much as the baby.


Looking at your baby will restore your faith in humanity

All those hours of lost sleep, frustration, diaper changing and aching breasts will seem to fade away when you look into your baby’s eyes. You’ll experience a joy so unfathomable you’ll want to be crazy enough to go through the whole process again. And you know what? You just might … after your baby is all grown up, of course!