10 Safety Measures For New Born Baby Care

10 Safety Measures For New Born Baby Care


Just when you thought maternity was covered, a whole new challenge lies ahead: taking care of the baby! Instead of freaking out, make sure you get as much help as you can get, (first from close relatives and then from your partner) and pay attention to these detailed cautionary instructions. When and if you do feel like you’re in over your head –and it will happen- remember this: being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but it is a beautiful, rewarding privilege like no other. Trust us, you’re not alone! Just follow these tips and you’ll be a proud mom sooner than you think.

1. Wash your hands
Always wash your hands with medicinal alcohol before touching the baby.

2. Keep baby away from visitors carrying any kind of disease
Even a simple cold could become a huge problem for your toddler.

3. Never put a baby to sleep with anything inside its mouth
Within the first couple of weeks after birth, babies are not in control of what they ingest. A foreign object that stays in their mouth overnight could result in a fatal accident.

4. Never drive a car without the baby being strapped to a car seat
Do not drive with the baby on your lap. Even a very low impact accident could result fatal for an infant.


5. Leave any and all toys away from baby’s sight for the first few months- especially if the toy has removable parts
Your infant could choke on them.

6. Baby proof the changing table with straps or barriers to prevent your little one from falling off
Keep in mind, the minute baby learns to sit up and crawl, it’ll become mobile. Get ready for that!

7. Place the baby sideways
Always put your baby to sleep with its head facing the sides or upwards to avoid respiratory failure.

8. Never shake the baby, be it to play or as an answer to frustration
A very fragile little creature is in your care, and he or she needs extra care as their bone system is not fully developed.


9. Hold them properly
When you’re holding the baby, make sure to secure the head and neck as he or she isn’t able to hold themselves yet.

10. A well fed baby is a healthy one
Your baby needs to be fed about 3 times a day, 15 minutes on each breast.